Tap into our expertise with a bespoke consultancy session to address areas related to strategy, marketing, distribution, tools, development and content, or any other plans, issues or opportunities you may have.

Allow us to create for you a comprehensive, tailored creative plan, advising strategy for digital branding, retail, channel and tool development, implementation, content, basic SEO, key promotional ideas and key timeline of rollout, devised around the period of your choice (album release, product or brand launch, event et al). Note: we devise and deliver the plan to you only; it does not include implementation of the plan by us.

We will handle the digital ingestion of any releases/catalogues on your behalf to an array of digital retailers and streaming services in Australia and internationally, including iTunes, BigPond Amazon, Spotify and many more. We ensure accurate account and release set-up, confirm delivery of your releases, and deal with any technical issues that come up along the way, including price changes. Prices vary according to release and territories for distribution.

Presentation and pitches of your music and potential opportunities for profile/activity to select digital retailers within Australia. Retailers include iTunes, BigPond and more.

Need a channel, website, page or application built or developed? We have extensive experience project managing and producing major and minor build and development work, including design, navigation, content strategy, briefing, liaising, testing and editing.

If you’re short on time or resources, we can project manage your project or campaign for you. We will manage your digital/marketing expectations, set-up and rollout with teams locally or internationally, as well as provide you with constant digital advice and assessments during the set period, including when results develop and/or goals evolve.

Our education and mentoring services and sessions are perfect for artists/businesses that need help and guidance on understanding digital, how to develop your channels and fully utilise them using best practice.

We can provide traditional marketing planning and services for your campaigns, incorporating either the basics or extensive strategy as required to work holistically with your digital strategy plans.

We will service your music via our in-house publicist to blogs and online music websites within Australia. This includes a follow up with a shortlist of key outlets. Note: International online press servicing also available for the US and UK.

Getting your branding right can be a significant challenge. We can provide consultation on market positioning, demographic insights, and access to the best creative teams in the country to ensure your branding is in step with your goals.

Looking to use music for your brand or market to music fans? Utilise our extensive experience and relationships within the industry to find artists and audiences of best fit, and develop the right strategy and cross brand promotional opportunities for you

Who is your target market and what’s the best way to communicate with them? We can provide detailed advice on different music consumer groups and their preferred methods of co!mmunication to aid fan building and loyalty.

Let us manage your content, including uploads, posting, creation of news, editing, ghostwriting,mail outs and more for websites, newsletters, social media online stores and other channels.

Utilise our extensive network of industry professionals to create the right content for your digital strategies, including video editing, video production, sound editing, sound production, graphic design and photography.

Advice and management of digital advertising, including strategic activity, creative and placement, bookings, copy recommendations and development.