COMES WITH FRIES is a digital music services company based in Sydney, Australia, founded by Vanessa Picken, a long-time digital and music professional, with a over 10 years of experience working in the marketing and digital arena.

I provide tailored, modular services to the likes of independent artists, major label artists, Entertainment managers, Promoters, Media, Fashion, Telecommunications and Brands wanting to engage within world of marketing and Digital.

My fundamental aim is to provide quality, professional industry level digital music services and expertise to those who need it, champion creative strategy and steer artists and brands through the noise and clutter of the internet to provide clarity and help achieve goals.

I have a particular interest in empowering independent artists to utilise digital to take charge of their future and increase their share of voice in local and international markets, by breaking down traditional barriers like label access, distribution access and lack of know-how.